The Zodiac Sign That's Always Late

Leos are ambitious and often overcommit without realising it. This sign is liked, therefore their loved ones don't mind if they're late.

6 Leo

They're convinced that nothing starts until they come, so they never miss anything, no matter how late they arrive.

Cancer tries a lot to be on time, but they can never be on time. Timeliness stresses them.

5 Cancer

They try, but self-consciousness about their appearance and employment stresses them out.

Aries' calendars are always full. They schedule work lunches and gym classes but never make it.

4 Aries

They are usually busy with tasks and meetings. "They labour haphazardly and are constantly late."

This sign's laid-back demeanour makes time management difficult. They don't prioritise planned events.

3 Sagittarius

Geminis are multitasking socialites. They're usually busy between their side gig and seeing friends and relatives!

2 Gemini

Air signs are always late. They arrive hours late to major events like their sister's birthday or their partner's work party.

1 Aquarius

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