The Most Spiritual Zodiac Sign

As air signs, they are excellent communicators and pursue meaningful connections in all aspects of life.

1. Libra

"They embrace community and can find profound fulfillment in divine connection and ethereal experiences." 


Cancers are profound thinkers and ardent feelers who can find spirituality in any situation.

2. Cancer

We experience that beautiful, unconditional maternal love that connects us to something larger than ourselves."


Taurus enjoys the finer things in life, but they are just as content with simple pleasures like observing the sunrise or smelling the roses.

3. Taurus

"These individuals are all about embodiment, or being a spirit in a physical vessel."


Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and they recognize the presence of a greater force. 

 4. Scorpio

Scorpios make excellent spiritual guides due to the fact that they invest their entire soul into everything they do.


They are always willing to attempt something new, so mind expansion and metaphysical experiences are fair game.

5. Sagittarius

They enjoy the rush of going all out, but also enjoy reflecting on where their journeys have taken them.


This water sign is imaginative, creative, and tenfold sensitive.

6. Pisces

Their heightened empathic abilities make them completely in tune with their surroundings.


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