The Most    Lovesick  Zodiac Sign

They take pleasure in providing security and comfort to others and want them to experience all of life's pleasures. 

1. Taurus

They become homesick if they are alone for too long or if their companion does not provide enough affection.


Scorpio's lips are sealed and their emotions are locked away.

2. Scorpio

Once Scorpios have fallen hopelessly in love, nothing else matters.


Leo loves themselves with all their heart, but they can also love others with the same intensity, particularly if their ego is stroked.

3. Leo

These ardent fire signs want someone to be infatuated with them, but they frequently end up being the object of affection.


Cancers feel everything in their souls, and they do not squander time.

4. Cancer

If they like you, you will know it immediately, and they will do whatever they can to keep you around.


 Libra is also ruled by Venus, and they are prone to falling in love with everyone they encounter.

 5. Libra

"They can easily become engrossed in a love tale, regardless of whether it is real or merely imagined,"


They are incurable romantics who constantly fantasize about their happy ending.

6. Pisces

They are without a doubt the most love-hungry zodiac sign; they will do anything to discover love, and sometimes they go too far


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