Best Week for 3 Zodiac Signs

Pisces—shine today. You owe it to yourself to settle in and enjoy your new house.

1. Pisces

Neptune and Venus are in your zodiac sign, activating the aspect of your life that controls your needs and wants.

Today's energy is about loving in ways that come easily to you, since you rarely make anything revolve around you.

Today is a good day to discuss your feelings and family issues. With Pisces activated, you focus more on healing, home, and family.

2. Sagittarius

This might highlight a serious relationship, especially one with domestic closeness.

You're almost done with Mars in Gemini's job since last August, so you should start acting and creating new scenarios that honour your goals.

Today is a great day to be grateful for all you've accomplished. 

3. Aquarius

You knew you were nearing the end of an important life phase that would finish certain learning and start a new one.

However, it will always be your responsibility to embrace the positive and prevent others from stealing the happiness you've fought so hard to achieve.

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