Zodiacs with Relationship Trust Issues

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This water sign does not find it easy to trust others.

Scorpio is scared of being harmed and betrayed, especially by someone in whom they have placed their trust.

As a result, Scorpio is constantly on the defensive, questioning the intentions and sincerity of others.

The Scorpio way of life is based on the belief that trust must be earned.


Cancer, the crab sign, is extremely self-protective and withdraws into themselves at the first sight of danger.

Cancer takes a very long time to genuinely open up to others and emerge from their shell.

Cancer will require others, particularly romantic partners, to exert great effort for their faith.


Capricorns may be sensible, and realistic but this does not mean they lack strong emotions or fear having their heart broken.

Capricorn has been burnt numerous times in the past, and they are aware that not everyone deserves their trust.

Capricorn is unforgiving and forgetful. They are mindful and resentful.

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