Zodiacs Who Should Text Their Crush This Week

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Typically, you are so immersed in your comfort zone that you have forgotten what life is like outside of it.

And in this comfort zone, you never make significant advances on the individuals you are interested in.

It is too terrifying. You cannot predict what could occur. That may alter the friendship.


You are the type of person who displays their emotions openly. 

There is a significant probability that your crush has already deduced that you have feelings for them.

But, they probably do not know for definite. You might as well reveal your feelings and erase the mystery.


You have a crush on someone, but whenever you consider doing something about it, you talk yourself out of it.

You consider how irritating it would be to add a new person to your life.

You will never know unless you attempt. This weekend, strive to silence the portion of your mind that overthinks every situation.


The drama surrounding a crush is half of its appeal. When you have a crush, the community aspect is what makes it so enjoyable.

Talking with your pals whether your crush likes you back and developing scenarios for how to approach or interact with them.

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