Zodiacs Who Hide Their Romantic Feelings

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Although though this zodiac sign is courageous and daring in other aspects of life, they are less at ease with their emotions.

They are able to lock up their emotions so that their feelings do not interfere with the adventures they wish to undertake.


They could become injured. They may become distracted. The hazards outweigh the benefits. 

As Capricorns care so much about their careers and family, they can convince themselves that a romantic relationship is unimportant.


They avoid engaging in in-depth, revealing dialogues about themselves because they like to maintain distance.

They will act as if nothing is wrong because they do not want anyone to know what is in their hearts.


Discussing their emotions causes them extreme discomfort. So, people tend to conceal their crushes. 

Aquarius can sometimes appear emotionally distant since they never allow themselves to feel their feelings fully.

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