Zodiac Signs with Strong Bonds to Their Fathers

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Being a highly ambitious young person, a Sagittarius searches everywhere for the ideal mentor early in life. 

 Sagittarius often seek to their fathers for guidance as young adults, but their bond with them is unlike any other. 

This father-daughter duo does everything together. Sagittarius spouses must impress the father to date the daughter.


Once other kids their age have moved out on their own, the generally level-headed Virgo still needs help from their dad.

The father is still the primary cheerleader and decision-maker for his children even as they enter their forties.

 Perhaps this explains why a Virgo's death of a parent has such a lasting effect on them and why they rarely fully recover.


 Aquarius isn't overly emotional or emotionally invested in their relationships. 

However, they have deep feelings of love and respect for their fathers. 

In a committed relationship, this air sign has difficulty feeling emotionally invested and often backs out at the last minute.

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