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Zodiac Signs Who Feel Worthless


Those with the Cancer zodiac sign tend to give too much thought to things.

Whenever they finish a task, they check it again to make sure they didn't miss anything the first time.

They worry about making a blunder, so they stay on the lookout all the time.


Scorpions tend to be critical of themselves. Constantly critical of themselves, they do not give themselves sufficient appreciation.

Scorpions consider that others are sharper than them, and as a result, they consider themselves to be useless.


Although they may feel powerful and confident, Sags suffer with low self-respect and confidence.

They lack confidence in their abilities, which causes them to feel worthless and dissatisfied.


Pisceans have trouble believing in themselves since they are so different from the average person.

Since they lack certain characteristics, they feel they do not belong anywhere.

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