Zodiac Signs that Hold Grudges

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Being fire signs, these natives may be hot-tempered. These Zodiacs have high expectations and enjoy being in the spotlight.

If you offend them, they will let you know, but these initial Zodiac Signs cannot repair what you done.


This Zodiac Sign's locals will daydream, create their own universe, and think some activities are harmful even when they're not. 

If you think differently from water signs, they'll think you're wrong. This Zodiac will take pride in their misery. 


Leos, fixed fire signs, are sensitive and involved in decision-making.

If you're the victim of their rage, even if you apologize, don't expect them to forget, as they're karma-holding signs.


Do not criticize this Zodiac's natives. They may not carry grudges, but they will do all in their power to persuade you.

They will remember and criticize you if you don't take their advice or act in accordance with their norms or perceptions. 


Scorpios will immediately separate themselves from those who betray them. 

 Despite their wrath, these people are loyal. You'll be expelled immediately if you break their trust. 


To make it easier to recall someone for misconduct, this Zodiac's people carry an imaginary scorecard.

The good news is that natives are more likely to forget if they are not affected, especially professionally.

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