Zodiac Signs That Are The Fakest 

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Since Aries enjoys bragging about their closest friends and family members, it is only natural that when in love, you will speak nonstop about your partner.


since your love language is physical contact, you can expect things to heat up quickly with a new partner. 



Being such an adventurous sign, there will be no shortage of excitement when you fell in love.


You wear your heart on your sleeve, unlike other signs who prefer to keep it cool in relationships. 

Leo is considered the "show-off" of the zodiac, but a Leo in love will go out of their way to boast about their companion.



Virgos are renowned for their perfectionism. You obsess over every minor detail, and your romantic life is no exception.

Libra, you are one cool client when it comes to romantic relationships. You prefer to be pursued, as opposed to other signs who appreciate the pursuit. 



You are one of the most difficult zodiac signs to crack, as you prefer to keep your emotions close to your bosom. 

Sagittarius is one of the most sociable zodiac signs, which means that you are continually meeting new people. 



It takes a great deal to capture your attention, but once you're hooked, you're in it for the long haul.


Aquarius. You typically dislike traditional romance because it makes you feel bound. 


 Pisces is the only sign that loves more than any other. You are known for your kindness and generosity.

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