Zodiac Signs That Are Terrible With Money

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Those with the Sagittarius zodiac sign are typically hard-working and capable of earning a great deal of money.

 This is not where they fall short. Yet, they are impetuous and have a great sense of adventure.


 Pisceans have bleeding hearts and are willing to give their last dollar to aid a cause or a person in need. 

Pisceans place themselves last, and as a result, they will donate their last dollar to someone else in need, forgetting that they also have needs.


Aquarius is enthralled by new and flashy devices. The majority of folks camped up at Apple store entrances for the latest iPhone are most likely Aquarians.

They do not care if the price is excessively high and will not wait for it to drop. For Aquarians, it is either new or never.


Ironically, Leos intend to be frugal with their finances. They have a soft spot, however. And their generosity when it comes to gift-giving is their tender spot.

They want to be remembered as the ones who gave the coolest gifts because it bolsters their ego.


Like Leo, the Libra intends to be financially knowledgeable in order to save money for a rainy day.

Unfortunately, people frequently discover that their bank accounts deplete rapidly.


Gemini has dual facets. One side prefers to save and invest their money for a rainy day, whereas the other has a propensity for gambling.

Regrettably, their tendency to gamble sometimes prevails. They will purchase lottery tickets and invest in high-risk investments with their hard-earned money.

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