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Zodiac Signs Ranked By Most Likely To Be Famous   

12. Capricorn

Capricorn is the zodiac sign least likely to attain fame. They are pragmatic individuals who value hard work and avoid shortcuts.

The second least probable sign to be famous is Scorpio. They value their privacy, so fame does not appeal to them.

11.  Scorpio

Cancer is the zodiac sign with the third-lowest likelihood of attaining fame. People born under this sign enjoy the conveniences of home, so fame and the limelight may seem intimidating. 

10.  Cancer

Taurus is the ninth most likely zodiac sign to attain fame. Taureans, as the sign governed by Venus, appreciate the finer things in life.

9.  Taurus

The Virgo zodiac sign is the eighth most likely to achieve fame. They are renowned for their tenacity and commitment, always going the extra mile to accomplish their goals.

8. Virgo

Pisces is the seventh most probable zodiac sign to attain fame. Individuals born under this sign are extraordinarily in sync with their emotions

7. Pisces

6.  Aries

Aries is the sixth sign on our list of those most likely to achieve fame. They are well-known for their bravery and ambition, which makes them extremely confident and determined to succeed.

Geminis are the fifth most probable sign to achieve fame. Intelligent and eloquent, Geminis have the ability to captivate an audience with their words.

5.  Gemini

4. Aquarius

The Capricorn outlook on life is defined by hard labor and commitment. They are the most disciplined individuals. 

Sagittarians have the third-highest probability of becoming renowned. This sign is renowned for its spirit of adventure and enthusiasm

3. Sagittarius

2.  Libra

Libras are attractive, diplomatic, and excellent conversationalists, all of which are advantageous when attempting to captivate or impress an audience.

1.  Leo

There is no dispute regarding the position of first here. Leo is the zodiac sign most likely to achieve fame. Individuals born under this sign crave the limelight. 

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