Zodiac Signs for Love

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While in love, Taurus is generous and often goes the additional mile for their spouse.

 Even if their partner refuses to help around the house, the bull will give everything to satisfy them.

This usually doesn't backfire, though, because a Taurus's sound judgment leads them to a partner who returns their affection and opens up to them just as much.


At the beginning of a relationship, both partners freely give and receive love and affection. 

 Hence, Virgo flourishes and blossoms magnificently at this season.

Virgos' obsessive cleanliness and meticulousness can eventually build a wedge between them and their mate.


Several Cancers struggle with insecurity, which makes them people-pleasers.

 Cancers love unconditionally, even when a lover hurts them. 

This water sign will do anything for their partner, from buying lavish gifts to working two jobs to fund their business.

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