zodiac signs are innocent

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On the first position is Aries, which always acts like a baby. They are called babies because their thought processes resemble those of infants and young children.

That will be the pristine symbol of Aries's innocence. They never outgrow their childish behavior.

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Cancer never displays weakness; rather, it always employs a protective method to conceal frailty. 

 A intimate acquaintance with cancer can know him totally. Cancer is incredibly naive in love because he has no idea what will happen to him.


She cannot stretch the meaning of a word, but she does many things in an honest and positive manner.

A Virgo woman is seen as pure and honorable since she never takes short cuts in her life, as she is aware that doing so can be detrimental.


The Capricorn is aware that he will never live with them because they believe innocence to be an integral aspect of their lives.

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