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Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Fall in Love

1. Libra

Because Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and beauty, you might be surprised they're not higher on our list.

They may enter a relationship simply for the sake of a relationship, just because they value love highly.


They see nothing and nobody around, getting fully absorbed in this feeling—they are simply 100 percent confident in their choice.

2. Aries

But when they experience energy decline, their thinking may turn 180 degrees, making them doubt their feelings.


These experts in communication find partners easily, making it simple for them to fall in love. 

3. Gemini

Geminis usually have numerous romantic opportunities, but a typical Mercurian's feelings are pretty unstable.


4. Taurus

Well-dressed, stylish, and a lover of luxury and creature comforts, Taurus thrives in the realm of romance.

Having a strong sense of nostalgia, they will repeat past interludes that were of satisfaction to their partners, creating a deep yearning in their love relationships.


When you envision a Cancer, you probably imagine them snuggled up at home, their partner by their side.

5. Cancer


These individuals can be exceptionally understanding, comforting, and kind, and also have feelings for those they love on a deep emotional leve.

Pisces can't help but fall in love easily—romance is written in the stars for them. 

6. Pisces


Pisceans make an incredible lover because they have an extreme desire to serve others.

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