Which Zodiac Signs Are More Likely to Lie

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Technically, Aries do not believe in deception, but if the situation requires it, they have no problem with it. 


Taureans typically avoid placing themselves in problematic situations. When they do deceive, however, they believe in white lies that get the job done.


You are aware that if deception were a sport, Geminis would win hands down. 



Cancerians are fiercely protective of their loved ones. Family, friends, and companions are the only individuals for whom this sign would lie.


Their deception serves to embellish the truth. It could be a post-event incident or them overhearing someone discuss something.

Virgos would tell a lie if life were to become easy after this. Will this remedy my dilemma? Yes? Cool! I'll fib. That is what they would believe.



Librans are prudent in their thought processes. They believe it is acceptable to tell a lie if it does not damage others. 


Since Scorpios are themselves mysterious, they are adept at coming up with the finest lies to save themselves or others in any given situation. 


They typically attempt to be truthful or will lie in the moment and subsequently reveal the truth out of guilt.


Capricorns, spill the beans! Capricorns, similar to Sagittarius, prefer not to deceive. And if they do, you will eventually find out.


Due to the conviction with which they speak, the majority of us would end up believing everything that they say.


Emotions and their motivations govern this sign. Thus, if a Pisces lies, it is for the greater benefit. Of others or themselves. 

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