Which Video Game Is Best for Your Zodiac Sign?

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Aries- Fighting games

Whether you're into kickboxing or just kicking butt, there are an infinite number of combat techniques you can use to defeat your opponent. 

Slow and steady prevails, and fortunately for you, your sign highly values predictability and methodical behavior.

Taurus-Action games

Gemini-Driving games

 put on your virtual helmet and get ready, set, go! This genre will appeal to speed demons and those who enjoy mastering courses — or just ramming vehicles.

Cancer-Educational games

your child in front of a screen, there are a number of games that are well-designed to stimulate their developing cortical connections.

Leo-Party games

Many games are more engaging and optimally frustrating than they are "pleasant." If you'd rather hang out with a group of friends.

Your logical mind excels at everything from solving math problems to matching three objects of the same hue.

Virgo-Puzzle games

Libra-Strategy games

 you might assume that strategizing about how to defeat your opponent's forces or take out his or her queen would not appeal to this Venus-ruled sign.

Scorpio-First-person shooter games

Your sign is co-ruled by Mars, the deity of war, and Pluto, the god of total and complete destruction. 

Sagittarius -Sports games

The Sagittarius is a passionate gamer who thrives on the pursuit of excellence. However, breaking records is not your primary objective. 

Capricorn-Virtual reality games

Capricorn, desire to be immersed in the most accurate representation of reality imaginable. 

Aquarius- role-playing games

These epic games, such as World of Warcraft and No Man's Sky, have no definitive conclusion, allowing you to play virtually indefinitely with a wide variety of people

Pisces-Role-playing games (RPGs)

It is incredibly simple for a Pisces to get lost in a fantasy world, slaying dragons and gathering riches.

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