Which Is The Most Loyal Zodiac Sign?

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Cancer is without a doubt the most devoted and trustworthy zodiac sign, so you can be almost certain they won't cheat on you in any way.


One of Scorpios' best relationship characteristics is that they never give up on the ones they love


It is true that this zodiac sign sticks by their partner's side through good and bad times, thick and thin, and illness and health.


They possess a ferocious personality and are fully capable of defending themselves and others.


Gemini, contrary to conventional thought and despite being a water sign, is surprisingly loyal in long-term relationships


As an air sign, Libra is a hopeless romantic, and when they discover the perfect partner, they (often) have no issues with commitment.


The truth is that this zodiac has a propensity for penalizing new individuals for the faults their predecessors made.


This is the situation with Aries. If someone is interested in you, they will pursue you and often go out of their way to make a favorable impression


Summer births are the most prevalent, so it makes sense that fall/winter births rank lower on the list.


Sagittarians are always seeking adventure and cannot remain in one location for long. 


This sign is addicted to the excitement and butterflies they feel at the beginning of a relationship.


In truth, they don't care for the vast majority of people in their lives and only have a small group of loved ones.

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