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What to eat in the USA 

  1. Bagels

 On the road, bagels are an excellent, inexpensive breakfast option that you can take and go.

Pies are a standard menu item at the majority of diners, caf├ęs, and truck stops. A slice of sweetly stewed fruits encased in warm, buttery pastry is absolutely delectable. 

 2. Pies

It is smothered in mustard and ketchup and topped with sauerkraut and buttery fried onions.

3. Hot dogs

If you have a sweet appetite and are craving a sugary fix, American doughnuts are your best bet. 

4. Doughnuts

Originating in the South, the ubiquitous dish known as grits is a staple of the region. 

5. Grits

Gumbo is a signature Creole cuisine that originated in Louisiana. There are numerous variations of this thick and hearty soup.

6. Gumbo

7. Fried chicken

Fried chicken American-style fried chicken originated in the South, but it's available throughout the country.

The Italians are the pizza's ancestors, but Americans expanded the pizza's horizons and made it much larger and heavier. 

8. Pizza

9. Waffles

The only thing finer than the sweet aroma of freshly baked waffles wafting through the air is the first bite.

The meat is the main attraction, but your plate will typically include velvety coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, smoky baked beans, and buttery corn.

 10. Barbeque

11. Key lime pie

Due to its origin in the Florida Keys, key lime pie is another classic. This tart is prepared with egg yolks, lime juice, and sweetened condensed milk.

12. All-you-can-eat buffets

If you're drooling at the mention of all the above foods and you'd like to sample them all, there's no better option t
han an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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