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Wedding Decoration You Should go for Based on Your Star Sign



As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries always signifies the beginning of anything dynamic and chaotic. 

These mismatched vintage teacup candles are ideal table decorations and would also make wonderful party favors.

As a sign of the Earth, Taurus is suited to wedding d├ęcor with a verdant motif. 


Draw cues from the brand's aesthetic and surround it with candles for a magical finish.

This zodiac sign excels at making a bold statement: they're never dull,


therefore you can expect them to be adorned in eye-catching accessories.


Cancers are highly sensitive and emotional. They care strongly about family and home affairs,

so it makes sense for them to include comfortable and homey details during their wedding.

Leo is the only zodiac sign that could carry off an Art Deco-themed wedding successfully. 


Use them to embellish drinking party favors as a memento for guests.

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