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Virgo Compatibility – Best and Worst Matches


Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Dates and Symbols for Zodiac SignsVirgo is a suitable match for Capricorn. 

 As Earth Signs, these signals are focused on the material world and are practical.

Taurus is also a wonderful companion for Virgo. As a fellow Earth Sign, Taurus shares Virgo's practicality and emphasis on the physical world.


Taurus is a domestic creature, while Virgo is highly organized. These characteristics will assist these signs in establishing a fantastic home for themselves.

Virgo and Cancer share a high degree of compatibility. They are able to communicate in ways that other signals cannot.


Cancer is a natural caregiver and is concerned with the well-being and requirements of others.


Aquarius and Virgo are not compatible. Despite the fact that both of these signs are quite intelligent, they think in very distinct ways.

Virgo is pragmatic and enjoys analyzing and classifying. Aquarius tends to think unconventionally.


Leo enjoys being in the spotlight and craves admiration and praise. Virgo is reserved and prefers to avoid the spotlight.

Virgo typically views Leo as pretentious and haughty, whereas Leo views Virgo as petty and critical.


In turn, the propensity of Sagittarius to cut corners causes Virgo to feel anxious and insecure.

 Virgo and Sagittarius attempt to do anything together, Sagittarius is bored and frustrated by Virgo's attention to detail.

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