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Unique Traits Of Those On The Cancer Leo Cusp



Those born under the energies of signs governed by the Sun and Moon are typically affable and easy to connect with. 

Because they are typically emotionally intelligent, people are drawn to them and admire their generosity.

Natives born throughout this juncture are not shy about displaying their talent. 


They are adept at attracting attention and making people fall in love with their personalities. 

Because they are likable individuals with warm personalities, it is simple for them to assume positions of authority. 

Natural leaders

Even though they are the boss, their employees, and coworkers can establish trust in them.


Due to the fixed energy of Leo, having two luminaries on the equinox indicates that the native may be stubborn. 

Depending on the circumstances, each sign can be willing to forgive.

Even when things may not be going as planned, the native still reserves a portion of their heart for optimism.


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