Top American Dog Breeds

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Akitas have old Japanese ancestry, which explains their regal demeanour.

Bichon Frise

Due to their fluffy coats, Bichons Frises resemble miniature cotton balls. They especially enjoy showing off at the groomer.

Basset Hound

You could identify a Basset from a mile away because to their large, floppy ears that almost touch the ground.


Their floor-length fur makes them stunning. Families enjoy styling their hair with ribbons and accessories too.


Chihuahuas may be little enough to carry in a purse, but their hearts and personalities are enormous.

Border Collie

Border collies are the best of both worlds: they are incredibly bright, gentle, and cuddly.


Although pugs have a peculiar appearance, this is what makes them so adorable.


It's obvious why these dogs are called pom poms. Some have so much hair you can barely see their small faces!

Boston Terrier

These tuxedo-like dogs are white and black. "American gentleman" Boston terriers are well-mannered.

Shih Tzu

Say this breed's name slowly to avoid sideways eyes. Shih Tzus are adorable and funny, despite their moniker.

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