Top 15 Healthy Drinks & Functional Beverages

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1. Runa Brewed Natural Caffeine

Consider drinking some of Runa's guayusa tea if you want a caffeine spike that is on par with that of coffee, in addition to other benefits

2. Aqua ViTea

Aqua ViTea takes their Green Tea kombucha an extra step above and beyond the competition. 

3. Minna Cherry Cacao Green Tea,

The Lime Hibiscus Tea is an organic rooibos tea with hibiscus that does not include any trace amounts of caffeine

4. Twinings

Just adding one of these flavour enhancers from Twinings to a plain bottle of cold water will make it taste significantly better.

5. Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water comes in a wide variety of delectable tastes, all of which are loaded with vitamins.

6. Flow Alkaline 

Flow is famous for its naturally occurring alkaline spring waters, which contain minerals and electrolytes that occur in their natural state.

7. Smartwater

A variant that features the addition of the antioxidant selenium, which confers additional health advantages.

8.Soda Stream

Sodastreams are indispensable kitchen appliances for people who enjoy drinking carbonated water.

9. Olipop Sparkling Tonic

This particular variety of orange squeeze contains vitamin C-rich citrus fruits like clementine, mandarin, and acerola cherry. 


The pleasant experience of ripping open a can of fruity seltzer water is multiplied when that can contains one of the delectable flavors .


The flavour of this grapefruit drink is achieved by using actual fruit juice, and there is not even an ounce of sugar in it.

The bubbly water sold by Bubly is available in 15 distinct varieties, all of which are manufactured with natural tastes .


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