Top 12 Chicken Breeds in USA

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1. Rhode Island Red Chicken

These chickens are ideal for novices and flourish in a home or agricultural environment

2. Buff Orpington Chicken

These chickens are ideal for those who wish to raise hens for eggs and meat.

3. Leghorn Chicken

 These hens are ideal for those in need of a good egg-laying breed, but they make poor pets.

4. Brahma Chicken

This means that it is simple to build a suitable habitat for them in your yard.

5. Sussex Chicken

These birds come in a variety of colours, including red and silver. They may also feature a lovely speckled design.

6. Plymouth Rock Chicken

The Plymouth Rock breed was designed for both meat and eggs, and it excels at both. 

7. Australorp Chicken

Medium-sized, black-colored Australorp chickens are the most well-known subspecies of this breed. 

8. Silkie Chicken

Silkies are the ideal chicken breed for individuals seeking a friend.

These hens typically have orange eyes, red wattles and combs, and red-brown feathers.

9. Red Star

These are peaceful and docile hens, but you won't be able to convince them to sit on your lap.

10. Maran Chicken

Cochin chicken breeds are huge, fluffy hens that are extremely friendly to humans when raised with them.

11. Cochin Chicken

The Polish chicken is a fascinating breed that most people recognise for its magnificent head crest. 

12. Polish Chicken

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