Top 10 Pet Snakes for Beginners

Unquestionably, corn snakes are the uncrowned kings of pet snakes. They are native to the United States. They measure only two to three feet in length.

Corn Snake

The ball python, the sole python on our list, is without a doubt the most popular python among snake owners. 

Ball Python

They prey on other snakes but do not reach a particularly large size. They are approximately 3 to 4 feet long. 

California Kingsnake

Pink boas are extremely tame and submissive. They are smaller than other members of the family and can be left alone with children. 

Rosy Boa

Gopher snakes, which resemble the deadly rattlesnake, are native to North America. They have numerous morphs and range in length from 3 to 5 feet.

Gopher Snake

The rainbow boa is perhaps one of the world's most stunning and colorful snakes. 

Rainbow Boa

They originated on the African continent, but their popularity among snake owners and breeders is growing.

Cape House Snake

The egg-eating snakes native to Africa are among the most gorgeous snakes on this list. They are brown with scales covering their bodies.

African Egg-Eating Snake

They are a common resident of the southern United States and are green with a golden belly. They consume insects and spiders in the wild.

Rough Green Snake

They are between 10 and 15 feet long and hefty. Usually known as a red-tailed boa or boa constrictor, these snakes are indigenous to South and Central America. 

Common Boa Constrictor

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