Top 10 Classic American Recipes

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All-American Pie

This patriotic slab pie tastes even more American because it contains apples, cherries, and blueberries. 

Burger Americana

For example, peanut butter and bacon give them a southern flavor, whereas coleslaw and tomatoes give them a northern flavor.

Deep-Dish Pizza

Our Chicago-style deep-dish pizza turned out even better. The secret is baking it in a skillet made of cast iron!

Fried Chicken

I have no idea how she prepared it, but my version using potato flakes yields a similar crispness. 

Chocolate Chip Blondies

Those who prefer the flavor of the traditional cookie will adore the flavor of these chocolate chip bars.

Jersey-Style Hot Dogs

I spent most of my childhood in northern New Jersey, the home of the original combination of hot dogs and grilled potatoes.

BBQ Ribs

This recipe for barbecue ribs features a sweet and decadent sauce that makes the meat so soft that it literally comes off the bones.

Macaroni and Cheese

The noodles are soft, and the topping is a golden crumb that is sure to please a large group.

Classic Cobb Salad

The preparation of this salad is very similar to planting a garden. 

Southwestern Nachos

The recipe yields two very full pans, and there is no need to worry about filling the chip bowl because the tortilla chips are baked right in the dish themselves.

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