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This is Your Worst Beauty Habit



Sags are noted for their adventurous spirit. You desire to get out there, get moving.

To protect your skin (and your sheets), though, you should have muslin cloths and cleansing lotion on your bedside table.

You are aware that exfoliation is the quickest way to achieve radiant skin.


You'll have no face left. Go easy and limit your visits to twice per week.

You are free-spirited, receptive, and frequently preoccupied with a variety of projects.


While your emblem is the water-bearer, you could benefit from consuming more water.


You are a nurturer, Pisces, and it is essential to you that those closest to you feel safe and secure.

You are also a dreamer with a vivid imagination, so a fresh set of bedding and a light cleansing routine before bed will be beneficial.

Being the zodiac's first fire sign, Aries are noted for their fiery and impulsive tendencies. 


Taking a moment to massage in some aftersun when you feel overheated will provide mental and physical relaxation.

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