This Is How Each Zodiac Handles Excitement

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You talk enthusiastically about how excited you are to everyone who would listen to you.

Over the entirety of the day, you have problems concentrating and find that you are easily distracted by daydreaming.



You find yourself tearing up. Your feelings get the better of you, and you find that you need to have tissues with you wherever you go.

You send a message to a small circle of trusted friends and ask them to join you in sharing the delight.



You update your social media statuses a million times a day, detailing every aspect of your picture-perfect life for the entire world to see.

To deplete your energy, you can go out and engage in some physically demanding activity, such as going for a run.



You use your camera to record each and every occasion, ensuring that you will never forget how joyful those times were.

Even if it's just the two of you celebrating, you crack open a bottle of champagne or wine and have a toast.


You fail to remember to eat, sleep, and do your household responsibilities. You are swept up in your joy.


You find that your excitement is working against you, and you begin to believe that your circumstance is too good to be true.


You keep a notebook in which you record your thoughts and feelings so that you can recall them at any time.


You send a text message to each and every individual in your contacts list to let them know the news.


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