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These Are the Signs You might be Dating a Narcissist


Charming, but for their own good

With their captivating demeanor, they will initially come across as extremely charming.

They will endeavor to woo you with their charisma. They'll make you feel unique.

They are constantly self-absorbed and self-centered, and they want you to fulfill their desires immediately. 

Instant gratification required

They may fight with you if you don't do what they want, promptly answer their calls and texts, or do things their way.

They frequently anticipate extraordinary treatment from others.

Entitlement is their go-to

If they are constantly pointing out others' mistakes and causing them embarrassment, this is an indication of narcissism.

Love to talk about themselves

A narcissist enjoys talking about themselves in an overdone and enthusiastic manner.

If they dominate the conversation whenever you discuss anything, this is a significant indicator of narcissism.

Another approach to identifying a narcissist is to observe how closely their actions align with their words. 

They're unreliable

This may also indicate that they are emotionally available at one time and unavailable at another.

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