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The Zodiac Sign That's the Biggest Blabbermouth

1. Virgo

While these individuals are experts at spreading negativity, they do not consider themselves to be gossiping.

If they're overly talkative, it's likely that they're complaining or being critical of themselves or someone else.

2. Aquarius

Aquarius certainly understands how to use language effectively. They are always eager to discuss their latest endeavor or new idea.

But sometimes they should keep their mouths shut.

3. Aries

Aries is known for being outspoken and impulsive, it's not surprising that they sometimes can't keep their tongues shut.

They must learn patience because their words often come out before they have time to process them.

4. Leo

Leos will occasionally reveal juicy tidbits for attention or to increase their popularity.

Their egos must be nourished, so if they lead conversations, everyone will listen intently.

5. Gemini

Gemini is frequently associated with gossip because they are naturally inquisitive.

They enjoy conversing with anyone who will listen to anything and everything; they cannot tolerate solitude.

6. Sagittarius

Naturally extroverted and opinionated, Sagittarius is the zodiac's largest blabbermouth. 

They don't have a filter, so they'll share any notion, even if it's just a rumor, with anyone nearby.

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