The Zodiac Sign That's Always Late

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Leos are incredibly ambitious, and they frequently overcommit themselves without realizing it.

1. Leo

They are confident that nothing begins until they arrive, and as a result, they never miss anything.


2. Cancer

The concept of being on time stresses them out.


They attempt, but become self-conscious about their appearance and work, which increases their stress.

You'd be surprised if you took a look at an Aries's calendar; they're constantly busy.

3. Aries


They are constantly scheduling work lunches and exercise classes, but they never seem to arrive on time.

This sign's easygoing and carefree disposition makes them poor timekeepers.

4. Sagittarius


The importance of planned events is low on their list of priorities.

Geminis are social butterflies able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. 

5. Gemini


From their side gig to creating time for friends and family, they are constantly on the move!

6. Aquarius

There is no purpose in trying to convince this forgetful sign to alter its behavior.


They are perpetually preoccupied with their own thoughts and frequently neglect to be present.

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