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The Zodiac Sign Most Afraid of Commitment

Tauruses' fear of commitment is frequently subconscious, thus they may have problems explaining.

1. Taurus

Before they will feel safe committing to a relationship with someone, they need to spend years.


A man was seen appearing troubled while sitting in an airport with his bags and holding his head.

2. Sagittarius

This difficulty in committing might manifest itself in other facets of a person's life as well.


Aries are recognized for their impulsiveness and may have difficulty with the responsibilities.

3. Aries


The idea of committing may feel like squeezing yourself into a cage for these free-spirited individuals.

The psychological turmoil that this sign experiences can make it difficult for them to commit.

4. Virgo


A Virgo is someone who is exceedingly critical, and as a result.

It should come as no surprise that they are also one of the signs with the highest propensity to cheat.

5. Gemini


This translates to "committing to a long-term relationship can be challenging for them.

The Aquarius sign tends to be independent and uncommitted relationships.

6. Aquarius

They can be concerned about losing their independence.


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