The Worst Zodiac Sign to Get Attached To

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Leos enjoy being in love and can be quite extravagant in expressing their affection for their companion.

1. Leo

Leo can be a stunning partnership; however, you should give the relationship ample time before ringing the wedding bells.


They are also extremely covert, making them difficult to know and prone to controlling behavior.

2. Scorpio


Scorpio, there's a good possibility the relationship will endure.

3. Aquarius

They will depart if you make the mistake of convincing them.

They want to do things their way and are unwilling to be questioned about it.


4. Aries

The first sign of the zodiac is also the sign with the youngest mentality.


Aries will leave you behind and not return to check on you."

5. Gemini

You can develop feelings for a Gemini, but you must ensure that you are not the possessive type.


Even if they have good intentions, this can be too much for a partner to handle.

6. Sagittarius

There is no incentive for them to maintain attachments.


They have no fear of being alone and do not require a romantic relationship to flourish.

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