The Whiniest Zodiac Sign

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Once a Sag feels at ease and ceases attempting to impress you, they will reveal their true nature.

1. Sagittarius

They complain with the fervor and intensity usually reserved for profound spiritual experiences.


They will be the first person at a real protest to stand outside with a homemade sign,

2. Aquarius


and they will be unrelenting in their efforts to persuade others of their moral stance.

3. Libra

This zodiac sign is considered to be the most passive-aggressive due to its members'

for being exceptionally well-put-together.


4. Taurus

Taurus won't complain as much as other signs, but "their discontent.


They can make life miserable for those who compel them to live in substandard conditions.

5. Pisces

Their sensitivity also makes it difficult for them to let go of what a friend or family member is experiencing.


This water sign may be able to relate to others, but they lack the ability to take a step back.

6. Cancer

They are incapable of distinguishing their emotions from those of others.


Ultimately, they do not intend to complain; they simply have no other means of expressing their emotions.

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