The Type of Music You Should Listen To, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries is ardent and forthright: You are never hesitant to speak your mind. You have a lot of vitality, so you're constantly moving and getting things done.

Aries: Rap and Hip-Hop

Taurus adores all aesthetic and beautiful objects. You have a calm and laid-back demeanor, so you incline toward music with a similar vibe.

Taurus: Country and Folk

Gemini: House and Techno

Gemini, you love to keep things moving because you are an air sign who desires variety. 

Cancer: Emo and Punk

Cancer, music is more than a pastime for you; it is a way of life. As the sign ruled by the sensitive and emotional Moon

Leos thrive on theatrics and drama. If no one is watching you, you will find a means to attract attention.

Leo: Dance and Pop Music

Virgo: Easy Listening and Yacht Rock

Virgos possess an acute eye for the particulars. You appreciate the artistry of a well-written bridge or intricate composition in music.

Libra is the zodiac's attractive social butterfly. This is because Venus, the planet of music, art, romance, and expression, rules your sign. 

Libra: R&B

Scorpio: Indie Rock and Pop

 You also enjoy contemplative music that embraces stylistic experimentation and counterculture.

Sagittarians are forward-thinking and cosmopolitan, and your musical preferences reflect this.

Sagittarius: K-Pop

Aquarius: Ska and Grunge

Aquarius, who is analytical and inquisitive, is renowned for his distinct and eccentric tastes.

Capricorn: Heavy Metal

Capricorns have the reputation of being the most orderly and proper zodiac sign.

Pisces: Indie and Alternative

Pisces, who is imaginative and artistic, adores music more than words can express.

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