The Most Understanding Zodiac Sign

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Pisces will not only comprehend your emotions, but also experience them as if they were their own. 

1. Pisces

They are emotional and empathic, making them the most understanding zodiac sign.


They can readily put themselves in your position and have a strong sense of justice," says Loftis of empathetic Libra. 

2. Libra


Their desire for harmony makes them one of the more sympathetic zodiac signs.

3. Cancer

Due to their high emotional intelligence, Cancer can sympathize with anybody. They have a hard exterior but are gentle and kind within. 

Cancers are known for their emotional ebb and flow, and they always comprehend what others require of them.


4. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are typically older than their years. Loftis characterizes them as sages with vast life experience.

These fire signs are governed by Jupiter, the planet associated with prosperity and initiative, and Sag takes this to heart.


5. Leo

These fire signs have an innate desire to protect themselves and others, and they are considerate of the desires and needs of others.

Leo is willing to lend a listening ear and is especially generous with their friends and family.


6. Aquarius

These air signs have a firm grasp on reality, despite being a bit more eccentric than others.


hey have an aptitude for knowing what people need, despite the fact that they can occasionally come off as too direct or harsh.

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