The Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs

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Most insensitive is Aries. This sign's natives are independent and confident.

Aries can be blunt and harsh. Aries tend to behave impulsively without considering the consequences.


Sagittarius is second-least sensitive. They're positive and laid-back. The funniest zodiac sign doesn't overthink things.

They often act recklessly. Hence, their words and behaviours can appear casual.


Geminis are rational, not emotional. They are adaptable and not excessively sensitive.


Capricorns don't feel others' feelings. They're not empathetic. They're driven. Capricorns feel, though.


Leos are sensitive. Leos are sympathetic to those they love, despite their tough exterior.


Taureans are sensitive despite their robust exterior. If they don't set boundaries, their loyalty and dependability might lead to abuse.


Libras are sympathetic and often feel others' pain. They may feel overwhelmed and off-balance because they have trouble emotionally detaching.


Pisces are sympathetic and perceptive. They typically take on others' emotions and moods.

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