The Most Insecure Zodiac Sign

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Geminis can be extremely self-assured or profoundly insecure due to their dual nature. 

1. Gemini

When they don't "feel" a situation or are merely out of their comfort zone, their mood can change rapidly.


If a Taurus feels uncomfortable in a relationship,

2. Taurus


don't be astonished if they snoop through your phone.

3. Pisces

It should not come as a surprise that this sensitive and temperamental water sign made the list.

Pisces spends a great deal of time in their imagination because they are ruled by Neptune.


4. Libra

The only things they desire are peace, harmony, love, and justice, 


They fear that if they are too contradictory, people will stop loving them."

5. Virgo

Virgos are likely the greatest at concealing their insecurity. "On the outside.


 Their coworkers may believe they aced their presentation, but they're actually condemning themselves for a multitude of "mistakes."

6. Cancer

Consequently, they are frequently more concerned with the emotions of others than with their own.


Cancers' self-perception fluctuates minute to minute; one moment, they're eager to take charge.

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