The Most Immature Zodiac Signs

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Aries, the first sign, is considered the zodiac's infant. Aries are passionate, driven, and action-oriented.

They're determined, but it's characterised by what they want rather than what the situation requires.

Their tantrums make a lot of noise. If they don't like your decision, they're stubborn and may cry.


Geminis, like twins, have two personalities that change based on the situation or people around them.

The Twins' open and flexible brains can see any issue from multiple angles,” making them inquisitive and smart.

Geminis are also fun-loving. They prefer lighthearted chats and connections.


Cancers are skilled at pretending with their gorgeous homes and love of helping others.

They are very sensitive and emotionally driven. If they're not crying over their wrongs, they're usually hiding in their room and ignoring you.


Leo is another carefree sign. They like being pampered and like attention.

Leo doesn't act mature. Fire signs act without thinking, which can lead to trouble.

They adore drama and are melodramatic. They star on the world's stage. Leos are loving, kind, and devoted.

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