The Most Gossipy Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius likes to teach. "They sometimes pick up on information that may be circulated as gossip.

Honestly, a true Aquarius buddy can keep secrets. "They will not give comprehensive information unless they have to.


Virgos don't gossip. They only share with trusted people, including family and friends.

Virgos will communicate if they've been injured and can't face the individual.


Libras enjoy talking about others because they value relationships. The air sign is fair-minded and will recognise if someone has been mistreated.

If people chatter about a negative facet of someone, they make a valid judgement.


Sagittarius appreciates being the centre of attention. "They don't know they're gossiping.


Scorpios make an effort to learn as much as possible about the people who share their lives.

Scorpios are also the finest counsellors, so if they are your true buddy and know everything about you, they will give you the best counsel.


Gemini! This sign of the malleable air element loves to spread rumours.

Gemini has a split personality and can't keep a promise they

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