The Meanest Zodiac Sign

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Scorpio is very methodical. They are always deliberate in their actions, which may include harming others.

1. Scorpio

They are exceptionally perceptive, so they can identify your triggers. They will press your buttons and disregard your boundaries without hesitation.


Aries is a bit rough around the edges, and they won't spare your emotions. They cannot tolerate being out of control and will seize control of any given situation.

2. Aries


 As the first sign of the zodiac, they don't like being second best at anything, and they're not hesitant to be ruthless if it helps them achieve their objective.

3. Capricorn

Capricorn desires accomplishment in all endeavors. Because they don't mind shoving others out of the way if it helps them advance, they are initially viewed as obnoxious. 

They are masterful at inspiring others, but can be a bit too aggressive.They may become vindictive if they become thwarted by the complacency of others.


4. Virgo

Virgos never state what's bothering them directly; instead, they create an atmosphere of negativity.


They may act cruelly towards others because they want someone else to feel as terrible as they do.

5. Leo

 Leos are known for their kindness and generosity, their mean streak can emerge if you're not vigilant. 


They are sometimes excessively protective of themselves and those they care about. 

6. Aquarius

Because Aquarius makes decisions based on logic rather than emotion, they may appear cruel.


They lack the same capacity for empathy as others, which makes them appear frigid.

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