The Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love

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If you awake smiling or maybe chuckling, it is because you are only now recalling what transpired with your Valentine the night before.

You are aware that things are going well for you, which is why your smile is broad and genuine.

Due to the presence of the beautiful and gifted Sun sextile Moon, you will be feeling unusually flirtatious and playful today.


Today, the calm atmosphere surrounding you and your companion stands out.

It's like if both of you have just climbed a mountain, and now that you've reached the peak, you're fatigued but awestruck by the view.

Sun sextile Moon shows that you and this individual are still going strong, even though the pace is slower.


Sun sextile the Moon inspires love and romance and always feels good.

Luckily, you have someone who is desperate for your attention, so you can give them your all today.

Sun-sextile Moon marks the end of "the hump," or your relationship's lull. Because you never lost faith in your partner, you knew you'd get through it.

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