The Loneliest Zodiac Sign

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Aries are autonomous, but their competitive nature can make them feel lonely. 

 Aries is a competitive sign, says spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer Emily Newman. "Aries will distrust again if betrayed."


Yet, this sensitivity often causes severe isolation. "People prefer fiction to cold, hard truths," adds Kyle. 

Pisces wants connection, but they must trust the other person. "They love with all their hearts," Newman explains.


"Virgos are perfectionists, which leads them to weed out people if they don't feel it's a 'perfect match,'" Kyle says. 

 But, their hypercriticism can make others leave. Newman believes no one wants to be around those who constantly criticize others.


Cancers feel deeply. Even happy people miss people and places.

Cancer is also the moodiest sign. Their shifting emotions can alienate others. Cancers prefer family to socializing.


Capricorns prioritize career advancement over socializing and relationship building.

"This sign takes a long time to warm up," Newman says. But they enjoy their solitude. Newman said they prefer to rest alone.


Scorpios are secretive. They're distrustful and untrusting because they presume others are too.

 Scorpios may appreciate their alone so much that they never return to society.

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