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The Least Tactful Zodiac Sign

This, of course, is predicated on the critiques not being delivered in a too harsh manner.

1. Virgo

But, if they insult you, it is not likely that they are doing so on purpose.


Capricorns don't intend to be impolite; they just don't want to sugarcoat their occasionally hurtful statements.

2. Capricorn

Therefore, if you are in need of some guidance that isn't afraid to hurt your feelings, 


These advocates for social justice want everyone to acknowledge their points of view and support.

3. Aquarius


Aquarians as "electrifying," particularly due to the fact that they spend a significant portion.

You are aware that your sociable and outgoing Libra companion is a wonderful addition.

5. Aries


They don't give a damn about how careless they come across because they are so convinced.

This excessive assertiveness can, without a doubt, give the impression of being cruel at times, 

5. Sagittarius


But it can also encourage more timid individuals, when they get close to these people who are brutally honest.

Scorpio in your life, and in the process, you might learn some new things about yourself.

6. Scorpio

 As soon as you get over the first discomfort, you'll have the opportunity to become even closer.


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