The Greatest Dishes in USA

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1.Key lime pie

If life gives you limes, don’t make limeade, make a Key lime pie. 

 2.Tater tots

We love French fries, but for an American food variation on the potato theme, one beloved at Sonic drive-ins and school cafeterias everywhere, consider the Tater Tot.

 3. San Francisco sourdough bread

Hands-down American favorite, and the sourest variety, comes from San Francisco.

 4. Cobb salad

A head of lettuce, an avocado, some romaine, watercress, , some cold chicken breast and some old-fashioned French dressing.

5. Pot roast

The pot roast may be anointed with red wine or even beer, then roasted on the stovetop or in the oven.

 6. Twinkies

Twinkies appeal with their name  their ladyfinger shape (pierced three times to inject the filling), and their associations with recess time.

7.  Jerky

Jerky is a favorite high-protein snack of backpackers, road trippers, and snackers. It consists of meat that has been dehydrated to the point where it is nearly unrecognizable.

8. Fajitas

Consider several vaqueros working on the range and the animals butchered for their sustenance. 

Siced a banana lengthwise and placed it in a long boat-shaped dish.

9. Banana split

Cornbread is the soul food of many cultures, including black, white, and Native American, and not only those living south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

 10. Cornbread

Make careful to keep in a bear-resistant container, as suspending a nylon sack from a tree branch will not suffice.

11. GORP

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