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The First Things Someone Notices About You on a Date

1. Your teeth

One of the first things they may notice is your dentition.

A toothy grin exudes confidence and demonstrates to your companion that you are pleased to be there.

2. Your clothes

It varies depending on the activity. "However, if someone is appropriately attired for the occasion, it's a good indication that they share your viewpoint.

"On the date, wear your favorite hoodie and jeans,"

3. Your body language

Body language can also indicate to your date if you find them attractive or not. 

Positioning your body toward them and maintaining eye contact are positive indicators.

4. Your laugh

Whether you have a loud guffaw or a soft chuckle is not necessarily what your date will notice, but rather whether you laugh.

A good sense of humor is a sign that you can be light-hearted and don't take yourself or life too seriously.

5. Your ratio of speaking to listening

"Do you interrupt your companion when they are speaking? Are you an attentive listener? Are you able to hold your own in a debate?

Do you communicate with kindness or are your words abrasive and cutting?

6. Your manners

Your date may be observing how you interact with waitstaff, hosts, and Uber drivers.

That you are self-centered, rude, or simply have poor manners.

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