The Craziest Zodiac Signs Ranked

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In pursuit of this peace, Libras are non-confrontational and simply seek to make others content.

12. Libra

 People born under this sign are typically too preoccupied with exploring and having fun to engage in reckless behavior. 

11. Sagittarius

10. Taurus

They are typically laid-back and prefer to avoid drama. Nevertheless, their intransigence and possessiveness can occasionally cause them to behave in unpredictable ways. 

9. Capricorn

 They focus on their objectives and remain on task, so they don't appear crazy to the majority of people. However, when things do not go their way, Capricorns can appear somewhat eccentric.

In general, they are grounded and rational. However, they can also be very intense, which can make them appear a little bit insane at times.

8. Virgo

7. Pisces

They frequently exist in a universe of their own and have an idealistic outlook on life. This can sometimes make them appear a bit eccentric.

Cancers are also the most emotionally sensitive zodiac sign, so it doesn't take much to move them. 

6. Cancer

5. Scorpio

Their erratic behavior in matters of love and relationships makes them one of the most intense zodiac signs in existence.

The fourth-placed sign is Aquarius. Aquarians have a reputation for being enigmatic and eccentric, two characteristics that could make anyone appear a bit insane. 

4. Aquarius

3. Leo

They enjoy the excitement of a challenge and will pursue their goals without hesitation. 

2. Aries

Aries is arguably the zodiac sign that falls in second place when it comes to craziness. 

1. Gemini

It should not come as a revelation that Gemini is the zodiac sign with the most erratic behavior. 

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