The Calmest Zodiac Sign

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Taurus is calm. They are stubborn and lazy. Earthy sensuality and the drive to consider things through balance those attributes.

According to Best Living, Taurus can "patiently examine most circumstances and calmly come up with a solution."


Sagittarius, the zodiac's final fire sign, is insatiably curious, thirsty for information, and eager to understand. 

Mutable signs are adaptable. They're the most optimistic and laid-back zodiac sign.


Goldberg believes Libera doesn't react to judgment. "They relax well, especially in nature by the seaside.

Goldberg notes that Libra requires beauty to settle their worries.


Pisces is sensitive and tends to romanticize reality. Pisces wants to help people, typically as a therapist.

Pisces carefully guards their comfort zone because they're sensitive.


Capricorns need attention and calmness to achieve their work goals.

Outside work, these attributes apply. Barretta advises to include a Capricorn in emergencies.


Cancerians want loyalty and intuition from you. They're sensitive to others and themselves.

"Since crabs can't handle stress, they keep things peaceful. Cancer prefers relaxation. They enjoy solitude and small groups."

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